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Unmetered Festive Lighting Applications

Everybody loves to see the local towns and cities lit up, especially for Christmas! By the time the lights, decorations and displays are ready to switch on, lots of preparations have been made behind the scenes to get them connected safely and on time.

To get started with your Festive Lighting connection, you will need to complete an Festive Lighting Application Form.

Download Application Form

Why do I need to complete an application form?

If you intend to connect your festive lighting to street lighting columns or any other private supply you must seek permission from InfrastructureNI or the relevant persons concerned.

Regardless of where the supply is taken from, if you intend to erect festive decorations on or above a public highway you must obtain a Licence To Place Festive Lighting on Roads from InfrastructureNI.

How the application process works

  • Download a Festive Lighting application form
  • Read the instructions on page 1 of the application form
  • Complete all sections of the form and including the required signature (including electrical contractor and electricity supplier signatures)
  • Return to NIE Networks by email:
  • Once we review and process your application we will provide you with a Note of Approval, that will allow you to continue with your application to InfrastructureNI for the Licence To Place Festive Lighting on Roads

Note: We can only issue a Note of Approval if we receive all details and signatures required to process your application.

Contacting InfrastructureNI

Once you've received your Note Of Approval from NIE Networks, the next step is to apply for a Licence To Place Festive Lighting on Roads.

Need help?

If you have any queries or need some help on the Festive Lighting application form, please contact us on: