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NIE Networks submit plans for a new office building at Craigavon Depot

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19 Jan 2024

Updated plans for a new office building at NIE Networks Depot in Craigavon have been submitted to the planning department at Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council.

The current proposal is to replace the existing office building which was constructed in the 1970’s to improve and upgrade facilities at this location. 

Mark Foster, Head of Facilities Management for NIE Networks, explained: “We are in a period of rapid growth as we prepare the network for a net zero future.  Part of that preparation is ensuring that we have the space and facilities so that employees can deliver on the ambitious targets in our RP7 Business Plan. In addition, it will add to the work already commenced to ensure our facilities become more energy efficient and sustainable.”

NIE Networks’ Business Plan for their next regulatory period, RP7, anticipates a significant increase in employees with up to an additional 1000 roles by 2031.  The proposed building will ensure there is sufficient space for new employees in the Craigavon Depot and will also be able to accommodate functions which are expected to be introduced to the company as it facilitates a net zero future.

The new design will ensure an improved layout so that interaction between functions is maintained or enhanced, and provide improved facilities for employees, with upgraded welfare spaces, breakout rooms and additional meeting rooms.  

It is anticipated that construction will begin in 2024 and complete in 2026.