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Connection Cards

At Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks), before we can make your electricity supply live by connecting it to the electricity network, we have to be confident that the wiring within your property is safe.

A connection card is a single page document completed by your electrical contractor which certifies that the electrical installation within your property is safe and complies with current wiring regulations.

Completing A Connection Card

Your electrical contractor is required to complete, sign and submit a connection card before we carry out any metering work at your property. 

   Download connection card

We require a connection card any time your electrical installation changes. For example:

  • Connecting a new supply
  • Increasing or decreasing and existing supply
  • Altering the position of an existing meter position
  • Rewiring an existing property

If in doubt contact us and we will advise you if a connection card is required.

Submitting A Connection Card

Connection cards should be completed and signed by your electrical contractor and sent to NIE Networks, or by post to, SRU Metering, Pennybridge Industrial Estate, Ballymena, BT42 3HB. Incomplete or illegible cards may be returned so it’s advisable to complete in block capitals.